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Q. Why install an Easylife Lawn?

A. Many people are looking for a low maintenance garden due to the busy lifestyles that we all lead and an Easylife Lawn is ideal for creating this. Easylife Lawns are virtually maintenance free and look beautiful all year round. But the best bit is - you will not need to mow the grass so you can put the lawnmower on eBay!

Q. Why is an Easylife Lawn ideal for children?

A. Kids love it! It can be used all year round and is soft to the touch, no more muddy footprints in the house. Easylife Lawns can be used to create safe and secure play areas. There would be no need to move or mow around swings, slides or trampolines.

Q. What effect will the weather have on an Easylife Lawn?

A. Easylife Lawns are fully UV stabilized and will not fade even in the sunniest climates. They are also porous so surface water will simply drain away.

Q. Will my dog ruin the lawn?

A. No. Easylife Lawns are perfect for dog owners. Our lawns are extremely robust and any mess can be scooped up and washed off. No stains or bald patches.

Q. Can Easylife Lawns provide a complete garden solution? A. Yes. Easylife Lawns are experienced in all aspects of landscaping and can provide a comprehensive service this includes decking, paving, raised beds, dog runs and fencing.

The benefits of fake grass

grass-artificial-15No mowing, just a hassle free perfect lawn

grass-artificial-16Lush, green and usable all year round

grass-artificial-17No muddy foot or paw prints

grass-artificial-18No moss or weeds

grass-artificial-19Child and pet friendly

grass-artificial-20UV Stable

grass-artificial-21Long lasting

Transform your garden with a golf green

Improve your short game in the comfort of your own garden
with an Easylife Lawn putting green.


Easylife Lawn for your dog

EasyLife artificial lawn is the perfect choice for dog owners who are looking for a maintenance free beautiful lawn all year round.


Easylife Lawn on your balcony

Transform your balcony or roof terrace into an attractive relaxing environment. Easylife Lawns can also install a range of funky colours that will make your balcony look stylish and contemporary.

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